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Google's Fact Check - How it Work

Google on Friday reported the augmentation of the Fact Check highlight it presented the previous fall in organization with Jigsaw. Distributers now can show a Fact Check tag in news stories wherever that Google News is accessible.

The organization likewise has presented the Fact Check include all around in Google Search, in the majority of the dialects it underpins.

"Surprisingly, when you lead a hunt on Google that profits a definitive outcome containing actuality checks for at least one open cases, you will see that data unmistakably on the query items page," noted Jigsaw Product Manager Justin Kosslyn and Research Scientist Cong Yu in an online post.

"The scrap will show data on the claim, who made the claim, and the reality check of that specific claim," they said.

Not all stories will be truth checked, and not all distributers will be qualified to utilize the Fact Check name. The individuals who need to have the alternative must utilize the ClaimReview markup on the particular pages where they actuality check open articulations.

Or, then again, they can utilize the Share the Facts gadget created by the Duke University Reporters' Lab and Jigsaw.

Just distributers algorithmically resolved to be a definitive wellspring of data will meet all requirements for consideration. The substance must hold fast to the accompanying:

the general approaches that apply to every organized dat markup;

the Google News Publisher criteria for reality checks; and

the measures for exactness and straightforwardness, intelligibility, or appropriate site portrayal as verbalized in the Google News General Guidelines.

At its carefulness, Google may overlook a site's markup on the off chance that it neglects to stick to these arrangements.

How Facebook Messenger Hits 1.2 Billion Users

Typically including 200 million clients in 8 months to an item that as of now has a billion would decrease the normal engagement, yet most applications don't have Facebook Messenger's system impact. Presently with 1.2 billion month to month dynamic clients, "we expanded engagement hugely as far as number of messages sent per dynamic client. We had twofold digit development rate savvy" Facebook's head of Messenger David Marcus lets me know.

In spite of its bots not satisfying the buildup, Messenger had another flag year. It became a tad slower, since last time it got from 800 million to 1 billion clients in only six months. Its day by day US iOS App Annie download rank is up from a year prior, however somewhat down from a high point in June. In any case, Marcus says the visit application is rising above being the place individuals "discover their Facebook companions they don't have a telephone number for." For some it's turned into "an essential interchanges station."

As indicated by Sensor Tower, overall iOS and Android downloads of Facebook Messenger grew 5.66% from 145.3 million in Q1 2016 to 153.5M in Q1 2017.

Presently Messenger is attempting to wind up noticeably something other than the most prevalent SMS substitution in the Western world.

One approach is duplicating what's working somewhere else. Marcus says the application's Snapchat Stories clone Messenger Day is headed toward a decent begin. "Use with teenagers is considerably higher" than some may have expected, "which is cool" Marcus says. "We've fabricated an item that high schoolers use on Messenger!" It's extremely disseminated. It's going sensibly well. The interest rate is great contrasted with our best Stories item" he notes, suggesting Instagram Stories.

Detachment Day has a major open door since its host application has twice the same number of individuals on it as 600 million-client Instagram. However at any rate among authors at TechCrunch, Messenger Day hasn't exactly taken off. Possibly we're quite recently old.

Delegate likewise included a Snapchat-esque camera with crazy energized selfie veils and represented channels, as Facebook locks onto the visual correspondence drift. In video, it propelled replicated Houseparty's part screen bunch video visit. "Bunch video calling is turning into a major thing with adolescents particularly with covers and impacts since it's live" Marcus notes.

In the interim, Messenger is stretching out past customary individual to-individual correspondence. Amusements have given individuals something to do while sitting tight for message answers, or motivation to begin a discussion with a high score challenge. What's more, now its opening up its counterfeit consciousness associate M to furnish clients with recommendations of Messenger utility elements they could utilize like area sharing, installments, stickers, updates, and ride hailing.

Presently the question is the means by which Messenger can profit through advertisements, not taking a cut of installments, without intruding on the experience. Marcus says auxiliary changes to the application coming at F8 ought to give it new open doors in this domain. It's tried supported messages from organizations you've as of now conversed with, and a merry go round of advertisements in the inbox. What's more, it's driving income back on Facebook with News Feed advertisements that begin a Messenger discussion with an item deals rep or bot when clicked.

However regardless of the possibility that Messenger doesn't begin producing money, it's contributing greatly to Facebook's prosperity by locking individuals into its biological system. When visit has developed as the focal point of the versatile universe, and Facebook's greatest rival Snapchat is established in private correspondence, Messenger has invigorated the blue application kingdom.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Set Your Wifi Connection Priority In Android - How to

Mobile phones and desktops are not generally exact with regards to picking the most grounded association with interface with. Your PC or your cell phone will interface with a system construct exclusively in light of its flag quality. This is not really the best approach since different variables, for example, solidness and speed are imperative when interfacing with a system. In case you're running Windows 10, there's a quite simple approach to set WiFi association arrange. To set WiFi association need in Android, you require an application called WiFi Prioritizer. 

Introduce WiFi Prioritizer and open it. It will list all WiFi systems saved money on your gadget. Inside this rundown, you can drag and drop the associations with set their need. The association at the highest priority on the rundown, will be the favored system to interface with.

Turn on the 'Empower Scheduled Job' switch and in view of the rundown's request, your gadget will interface with the favored system. WiFi Prioritizer judges which association with interface with in light of how solid and feeble the flag is. It continually verifies which association is the most grounded and after that goes down the rundown to interface with the best, favored one.

You can change the base flag quality that an association must have all together for your gadget to interface with it from the application's settings. In like manner, you can set the base flag quality that if an association drops to bring about your gadget to disengage from it. Similarly, you can likewise change how frequently the application checks the flag quality of accessible systems.

With WiFi Prioritizer running, you absolutely never need to physically switch WiFi systems. When you set WiFi association need utilizing the application, despite everything it takes a gander at the flag quality of an association yet in the event that you have two in number or two powerless associations, you can choose one to be favored over the other. In the event that you'd like for your gadget to overlook an association however would prefer not to expel it, essentially uncheck the association in the application's rundown. The application will no longer associate with it in any case how solid the flag is.

Install WiFi Prioritizer From The Google Play Store

Source: Addictivetips

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked - See Details

These pictures affirm that the new telephones are bezel-less, and that they'll be accessible in two sizes — one will have a 5.8-inch screen, and one will brandish a 6.2-inch show. Both seem to utilize Samsung's "edge" shows with a bended edge on both sides of the screen, so it's not clear how the organization will separate the two. Already, Samsung has depended on the "edge" brand to recognize its littler telephones with routinely formed boards from the models that offer maybe a couple bended edges.

The two gadgets are codenamed "Dream" and "Dream 2" and both game QHD Super AMOLED screens, as per the Guardian. These are like the presentations that Samsung has utilized as a part of the past, to great effect.

The new bezel-less outlines rules out catches or even a logo on the front of the gadget, so marking, unique finger impression scanners, and logos have all been moved to the back. Fanatics of the 3.5mm jack can celebrate — different gadgets may abandon the standard, however Samsung appears to have gained from the Galaxy S6 and its doomed endeavors to strip ports. Both of the new Samsung Galaxy S8's bolster standard earbuds.

Both S8 gadgets will be founded on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835, with an expected 11% CPU execution change and 23% speedier design. The 835 is based on Samsung's 10nm procedure and is as far as anyone knows 20% more proficient than its forerunner. Samsung will require that effectiveness on the off chance that it expects to drive a screen that expansive; VentureBeat reports that the batteries are a generally svelte 3000mAh and 3500mAh for the 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch gadgets, with 4GB of RAM and at least 64GB of capacity.

Samsung is said to be preparing some of extra elements, including another docked alternative that would permit the S8 to associate with a screen by means of a HDMI-prepared dock. Clients would have the capacity to connect a console and mouse and surf their telephone in such mold. Android's console and mouse bolster isn't what I'd call extraordinary, however this opens up intriguing choices given that Microsoft has ported its Office suite to Android and Google Docs has constantly upheld the stage.

This is a long way from the first occasion when we've seen the telephone as-PC idea touted by different organizations, yet advanced cell phones are turning out to be sufficiently intense to make a constrained contention for themselves in that part. Samsung's Galaxy S8 could offer genuine rivalry to Microsoft's Continuum thought — and keeping in mind that desktop control clients may lean toward a telephone that runs Windows as a desktop, the total absence of real Windows gadgets implies Android is significantly more essentially valuable.

The Galaxy S8 will make a big appearance on March 29 and ought to be accessible in late April. Samsung requirements to nail each part of this dispatch — while its business hasn't by and large endured in the wake of the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, regardless it needs to show that the Note 7 was only a fluke.

China to Cancel VPN From Their Country

China this week reported new terms to additionally confine its nationals' entrance to the Internet.

The 14-month crusade seems intended to get serious about the utilization of Web stages and administrations unapproved by the legislature, and on virtual private systems, which can used to get to those stages and administrations secretively. 

While China's Internet organize get to administrations market is confronting numerous improvement openings, there are indications of "tumultuous advancement" that demonstrate the critical requirement for control, the nation's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology clarified in a notice presented on an administration site.

The coming "tidy up" of China's system get to administrations will institutionalize the market, fortify system data security administration, and advance the solid and methodical improvement of the nation's Internet industry, the service noted.

With a specific end goal to work legitimately, Internet specialist co-ops, VPN suppliers, server farms and substance conveyance systems should get a permit from the legislature and hold fast to strict confinements.

Incredible Firewall

The tidy up additionally puts extreme new confinements on cross-fringe business exercises. It requires that administration endorsement be gotten to make or rent lines, including VPN channels, to perform cross-outskirt business exercises.

Those confinements basically will obstruct any Chinese national from utilizing a VPN - essentially, concealing their IP address and rerouting their associations with servers outside their nation - keeping in mind the end goal to get to sites the administration doesn't need them to see.

China is renowned for controlling the data its nationals can see on the Internet with its "Incredible Firewall," which screens Internet activity amongst China and the outside world. Any solicitations to see data Beijing esteems wrong are sent to an Internet memorial park.

Among the 171 of the world's main 1,000 sites the Great Firewall pieces are Google, Facebook and Twitter, as indicated by, a restriction checking administration. VPNs offer an approach to get past the firewall, which is the reason the administration needs to square them.

China additionally has adopted a more proactive strategy to managing sites that it doesn't care for. It made a Great Cannon, which it uses to dispatch DDoS assaults on spaces reproachful of Beijing.

Molding the Narrative

China's administration has endeavored to limit VPN access before, especially at touchy circumstances, for example, when the national Communist gathering assembles. Such a meeting is planned for the finish of this current year.

The colossal tidy up might be a takeoff from the past, nonetheless.

"This new order might be an indication that the confinements may turn out to be more precise," said Cynthia Wong, senior Internet scientist at Human Rights Watch.

Previously, implementation of VPN limitations appeared to be spotty. At times they worked; at times they didn't.

"Clients are frequently left asking why their VPN isn't working. Is it as a result of specialized issues or is it as a result of the administration?" she pondered. "This should be seen as a major aspect of a more extensive crackdown on any sort of autonomous media by the Chinese government. As of late, the legislature has multiplied down on endeavors to confine any data that wanders from its official story."

VPNs are utilized for some reasons in China, however - among them to keep organizations' talks about their protected innovation and market procedures secure.

"I would trust industry pushes back on this, since it will be considerably more hard to run imaginative organizations in China without full access to data," Wong said. "It's to their greatest advantage for this to be a sympathy toward them, and they ought to be worried about corporate reconnaissance also."

Not Good for VPN Sales

Once the colossal tidy up gets going, it will be hard to offer VPNs in China.

"What they're stating is they need to tune in on VPN associations," clarified Glenn Chagnot, VP of promoting for Uplevel Systems. "Keeping in mind the end goal to meet that necessity, we'd need to re-draftsman our item."

That is on the grounds that with Uplevel's item, the encryption keys dwell with the client, so the VPN supplier has no chance to get of decoding the client's activity.

Uplevel has constrained its deals to the United States since offering VPNs universally can challenge, Chagnot noted.

Rent Profile UK's Online Landlord Profile Checking

David Munday was a college understudy when it happened. He was searching for a place to lease, and discovered one on Gumtree. Subsequent to review the property, David chose to move in, and exchanged cash for the store and first month's lease to the landowner.

On the day he was because of move in, the landowner was mysteriously absent. He had fled the property, bringing David's cash with him.

Successfully destitute, David needed to move in with his senior sibling Paul in London, and drive back to his college for the rest of his reviews.

It's a tragic story however one that is very normal. David, now 25, was one of eight understudies at the college conned by a similar trick, at lost more than £20,000 between them. Activity Fraud got 3,193 reports of rental misrepresentation in 2015, a figure the Local Government Association recommends speaks to only five percent of casualties as shame keeps most from announcing the wrongdoing. It assesses that £63 million is lost to such cons each year.

The two siblings from Oxford incubated an arrangement to keep others experiencing a similar trick. Paul, 35, was then head of record items at Betfair, caring for regions, for example, login and enlistment.

"When you join a site that way, there are quite a considerable measure of watches that go ahead out of sight," he says. "I think the vast majority have been through an inhabitant check, and we felt why isn't there a landowner check?"

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FOTOJET Makes You a Proffesional Graphic Designer

FotoJet is an application that makes a professional resemble a professor in photograph editing, is a snappy and streamlined intends to alter and make a gathering of pictures. it has many components and easy to understand. Not exclusively does it offer the greater part of the essential devices, yet clients can likewise appreciate a large group of different choices, for example, Rotate, edit and resize your photographs for a particular utilize; settle the hues and lights by applying photograph impacts, for example, vintage impacts, highly contrasting impacts, lomo impacts et cetera; pass on your emotions by adding content and clipart pictures to your photographs. All these should be possible with only a couple clicks. Begin your exploration now!



Add Text to Photo

Resize Image

Edit Photo

Outspread and Tilt Shift

Photograph Enhance

Turn and Flip

Photograph Filter and Effect

Cut Art to Photo

Photograph Collage

Designing like a Guru Graphic planning is presently simple for you with Fotojet

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Samsung Sets to Restore Image

Full-page promotions set by Samsung in the US guarantee to share the discoveries of an examination concerning what turned out badly with the Note 7.

The advert is an open letter keep running in various US daily papers, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today.

"At Samsung, we advance to convey leap forward innovations that improve individuals' lives," Gregory Lee, president of Samsung Electronics North America, wrote in the letter.

"A vital fundamental of our central goal is to offer best-in-class wellbeing and quality. As of late we missed the mark on this guarantee. For this we are really sad," he included.

A similar official a week ago talked amid the GSMA Mobility Live occasion around 2017 being focused as a time period for revamping its image and trust in the US.

The current week's letter has all the earmarks of being an encouraging start to that battle.

The letter said: "A watchful Note 7 examination is in progress and the discoveries will be shared when the investigation is finished. The procedure will be careful and incorporate a portion of the best autonomous specialized specialists on the planet to advise and approve our work."

Samsung propelled the Note 7 in August however was compelled to execute it in October after a portion of the gadgets burst into flames or detonated. The organization said on 5 November that in regards to 85 for every penny of the reviewed gadgets in the US have been supplanted.

The organization is endeavoring to draw a line under the undertaking, in front of the arrival of its lead Galaxy S8 telephone in a couple of months' chance.

An adaptation of the letter additionally showed up on its European site. The Note 7 did not go on general deal in Europe, which means less influenced clients.

WhatsApp Launch Video Call Worldwide

WhatsApp is officially launching video calling for its over 1 billion users worldwide on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Its debut follows a series of reports from people who recently found the feature had been enabled in beta versions of WhatsApp on Android and on Windows Phone – an indication that a public debut was on the near horizon.

To use the new feature, WhatsApp users can hit the call button in the top right corner of a conversation, which will bring up an overlaid interstitial asking if you want to voice or video call the friend or family member you’re chatting with. To kick off the video call, you simply select the “video call” option from this screen.

During the call itself, you can switch between the forward-facing and rear camera, mute the call or press the red button to hang up. It seems the user interface varies slightly on Android and iPhone in terms of where the picture-in-picture video feed is displayed, as well as the buttons’ size, lineup and placement. (See images and video below).

WhatsApp already supports a number of standard features for communications apps, including group texting and voice calling. But the company says that video calling has remained one of its top feature requests from users.

With video calling, WhatsApp is belatedly catching up with a number of rivals, including Facebook’s own Messenger app, for example, as well as Skype, Apple’s FaceTime, Viber, LINE and Google’s recently launched Duo, to name a few.

Though a late entrant, WhatsApp still has a massive user base and the addition of the feature could help them from fleeing to other messaging and calling platforms. In addition, WhatsApp touts its cross-platform support as one of the reasons to use video calling in its app, instead of elsewhere.

“…we want to make these features available to everyone, not just those who can afford the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks,” the company said in its announcement, published today.

That’s a direct shot at things like FaceTime, which only works on Apple devices, as well as newer arrivals, like Google Duo, which only runs on later versions of iOS and Android (Jelly Bean and up, or iOS 9 and up).

You may not immediately see video calling in WhatsApp today, however. The rollout is staged, meaning it will arrive over the days ahead as it reaches the entire WhatsApp user base.

Video calling isn’t the only new addition to arrive recently. The company also rolled out two-factor authentication in some of its beta versions, hinting that its next big release could be a security-focused upgrade.

By retaining its simple interface but embracing more vivid connections beyond texting, WhatsApp could flourish with users no matter how they want to communicate

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Many Brazilian Homes Lack Broadband Access

According to the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). Some 75 percent of Brazilian households still lack broadband access,

Expanded access to broadcast communications administrations will be a key need at Anatel, as indicated by its new president, Juarez Quadros, who says the rate is because of the absence of scope of administrations in more remote regions of substantial urban areas.

The test, as per Quadros, is to accomplish the objective of widespread access to broadband in Brazil.

Italy's €6bn broadband arrangement: Spread 100Mbps far and wide, fill in the country notspots

Italy's €6bn broadband arrangement: Spread 100Mbps far and wide, fill in the country notspots

The administration has set down €6bn to give Italy better broadband, and it's trusting nearby telcos will do likewise.

"There are still numerous territories without access to advancements, for example, versatile and altered communication, broadband, or even 3G and 4G availability. We have to convey access to media communications to each side of Brazil," Quadros told journalists at the occasion on Monday, which denoted his first day at work.

Another key fundamental issue behind the absence of broadband crosswise over Brazil - where network is packed in vast urban focuses, for example, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro - is the administration identified with the relationship amongst administrators and the legislature.

As per Quadros, there is a need to disentangle and encourage the giving of grants to convey systems.

"We require the modernization of enactment with the goal that administrations can be given all the more rapidly and at a top notch standard," he said.

The official included that proposed enactment that is expected to be voted by Brazil's lower place of Congress will address the issue of stipends.

As indicated by partitioned explore from the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee ( somewhere in the range of 47 percent of all Brazilians matured 10 or more seasoned utilize their cell phones to get to the Internet instead of altered broadband.

Be that as it may, the South East district of Brazil concentrates 60 percent of the versatile Internet clients. On the other hand, the North, where the Amazon is found, has just 35 percent of all clients.

The Brazilian broadcast communications market is the fifth biggest on the planet and records for 4 percent of the nation's GDP.

Many Brazilian Homes Lack Broadband Access

According to the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). Some 75 percent of Brazilian households still lack broadband access,

Expanded access to broadcast communications administrations will be a key need at Anatel, as indicated by its new president, Juarez Quadros, who says the rate is because of the absence of scope of administrations in more remote regions of substantial urban areas.

The test, as per Quadros, is to accomplish the objective of widespread access to broadband in Brazil.

Italy's €6bn broadband arrangement: Spread 100Mbps far and wide, fill in the country notspots

Italy's €6bn broadband arrangement: Spread 100Mbps far and wide, fill in the country notspots

The administration has set down €6bn to give Italy better broadband, and it's trusting nearby telcos will do likewise.

"There are still numerous territories without access to advancements, for example, versatile and altered communication, broadband, or even 3G and 4G availability. We have to convey access to media communications to each side of Brazil," Quadros told journalists at the occasion on Monday, which denoted his first day at work.

Another key fundamental issue behind the absence of broadband crosswise over Brazil - where network is packed in vast urban focuses, for example, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro - is the administration identified with the relationship amongst administrators and the legislature.

As per Quadros, there is a need to disentangle and encourage the giving of grants to convey systems.

"We require the modernization of enactment with the goal that administrations can be given all the more rapidly and at a top notch standard," he said.

The official included that proposed enactment that is expected to be voted by Brazil's lower place of Congress will address the issue of stipends.

As indicated by partitioned explore from the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee ( somewhere in the range of 47 percent of all Brazilians matured 10 or more seasoned utilize their cell phones to get to the Internet instead of altered broadband.

Be that as it may, the South East district of Brazil concentrates 60 percent of the versatile Internet clients. On the other hand, the North, where the Amazon is found, has just 35 percent of all clients.

The Brazilian broadcast communications market is the fifth biggest on the planet and records for 4 percent of the nation's GDP.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Edtech Giant Bought Ranku's eC-College Optimizer for $25 Million

The online learning market is becoming as crowded as the app stores. Ranku offers the equivalent of SEO assistance to make sure colleges with electronic courses convert visitors into students.

Now Ranku (pronounced ran-koo) is being acquired by publicly traded education conglomerate John Wiley & Sons. A source familiar with the deal confirms to TechCrunch that the acquisition price was around $25 million.

That’s not “F-You Money”, but it’s a strong exit for a startup that had only raised $650,000. The startup scored that seed round in 2014 from Mark Cuban, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Microsoft Accelerator, Archangel, and Deborah Quazzo. They should see healthy returns on their small investments.

Ranku’s story is also a testament to the power of pivots. The startup changed directions several times.

Ranku launched in 2013, founded by Kim Taylor and Cecilia Retelle. Ranku was a comparison shopping site for legitimate universities offering online degrees. It was designed to save people from enrolling in scammy for-profit schools like University Of Phoenix Online, Kaplan, and Everest.

By 2015 Ranku had refocused on naive international students who might not know which schools are actually prestigious. Eventually it began working directly with schools, providing them with analytics about their web traffic-to-enrolled student funnel, and helping them tailor their courses to demand.

Ranku’s product could fit nicely amongst Wiley’s many tentacles that reach across the education space. It sells print reference books and journals, professional development training, test prep, and online course management tools for schools, amongst other services. Ranku should be able to optimize Wiley’s various offerings to match the fast-moving trends in what people want to learn.

“There are so many affordable online degree programs within state systems and community colleges but without the right strategies and tools, many are going undiscovered” writes Taylor. ”With Wiley’s support, Ranku can ensure that potential applicants are discovering the programs that are right for them and enable both the student and institution to be successful.”

Source: Techcrunch

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

How To Delete Your Facebook Password Stored By Windows 10

Social media has become such an important part of people’s lives that operating systems, both desktop and mobile, have integrated popular services like Facebook and Twitter right inside them. When done right, as they are on Android, iOS, and OS X, they aren’t a problem. Windows 10 does it differently, very differently. It might surprise you to learn that even if you aren’t signed into the Facebook app, and Edge hasn’t stored your login credentials, Windows 10 might still have your username and password stored. When you sign into an app, such as Deezer, via your Facebook account, Windows 10 will auto-fill both the username and password fields for you if does indeed have it stored. Here’s how you can permanently remove it from your system and a look at where it came from.

Open Control Panel and go to User Accounts. Click Manage Web Credentials and you will be able to see the login information that has been saved for a myriad of accounts. The good news is you might be able to tell which app stored it since Windows 10 identifies it when it can. In my case it was an unknown app. Expand the login information from the dropdown arrow and click the ‘Remove’ button at the bottom to remove the information.


What’s troubling here is that if you click the ‘Show’ button you can actually look at your Facebook password. If you were to accidentally leave your system unlocked then you run the risk of exposing your password to someone who knows where to look for it.

If you ever let Edge save your Facebook credentials then simply removing them from Edge will ensure they are removed from Windows 10 but the same can’t be said for other apps which, as seen above, Windows 10 fails to identify at times. It’s unlikely that Edge or even the Facebook app are the culprits so the only thing that can be done is to be selective with apps that we sign into Facebook with.

How To Add Alt Text To An Image On Twitter

An extensive volume of media is shared on Twitter day by day. It may not verge on matching Facebook as far as pictures shared yet pictures are in any case an extremely mainstream method for sharing substance. Twitter extended its picture sharing abilities by permitting clients to share up to four pictures on the double and notwithstanding giving them a chance to hunt down and add GIFs to a tweet from inside the versatile applications. The most recent change made for picture sharing on the stage is the capacity to add alt content to a picture when it's tweeted. The component is intended to help clients with visual hindrances comprehend pictures they run over in their courses of events. Obviously, individuals need to add an ALT content to a picture all together for anybody with a disability to exploit it. Here's the way you can empower and utilize the component.

Before you can begin including the ALT content, you need to empower this element. It is for cell phones just at present. Go to the Me tab and tap the Settings catch. In the activity menu, tap Settings and go to Display and Sound. Inside the Accessibility choice, turn on 'Create picture portrayals'.

twitter-display-sound twitter-alt-text-image
Now you’re ready to add ALT text to an image you’re tweeting. Compose a tweet and add an image to it. There will be an ‘Add description’ button on the image you add. Tap it and you can enter a description of the image up to 420 characters long. Once you’ve added the description, tap tweet and you’re done. twitter-alt-text twitter-image-alt-text
In order to ‘see’ the alt text, a user must have accessibility features on their phone turned on as that is what will read the text out loud to them and/or give them an option to read it.

Report A Player For Cheating In iOS Game Center

Diversion Center in iOS is truly wonderful with regards to multiplayer recreations. Titles like Letterpress, Tallchess, and Fruit Ninja can associate with Game Center and permit a player to challenge a companion or locate an irregular match to play against. Diversion titles like Temple Run use it to send difficulties to your companions challenging them to beat your score. The thing is, not everybody plays reasonable and a few players cheat. In the event that you know a player is bamboozling you can report them in Game Center. Here's the means by which.

Open Game Center and go to the Friends tab. You can just report a companion for swindling so on the off chance that you played a round of chess with a more unusual who looked for assistance from IBM's Watson, you can't report them.

Inside the Friend's tab, tap the name of the companion that has been tricking and tap the more activities catch at the upper right. In the activities menu that appears, tap the 'Report a Problem' alternative. There are diverse sorts of issues you can report a player for, for example, a wrong picture, epithet, or status, yet the principal choice on this screen is 'Cheating'.

game-center-ios-prob game-center-ios-report

You will have to describe the problem it is you were having playing a game with said friend that convinced you they were cheating and this is likely going to be the tricky part. Game Center will investigate impossible scores but whether or not it will investigate the use of actual cheats within games isn’t clear. It’s also unclear what punishment Apple will give to cheaters.
For anyone wondering whether it’s actually possible to use cheats etc in an iOS game like you can on a PC game, the answer is Yes. King of Thieves is a fairly popular title released last year by the makers of Cut the rope and in the initial months of its release the game had a very serious cheating problem. If a player is dedicated enough to a game, it’s possible they might invest the time to find and employ cheats to win or get insanely high scores in it.

via Lifehacker

How To Turn Your PC Into A Hotspot For Your WiFi Connection

Cell phones make it incredibly simple to transform an information association into a hotspot for others to interface with. In the event that nothing else you can utilize it to associate your portable PC to the web. Transforming your PC into a hotspot is an alternate story however. It's altogether conceivable yet not as simple as it is on your telephone. In case you're searching for the most straightforward and speediest approach to transform your Windows PC into a hotspot, Hosted Network Options is the best approach to do it. It's a free Windows application that will give you a chance to transform your framework into a hotspot with practically zero exertion required.

Download Hosted Network Options and run it. It comes in an installer and portable version. Click the Play button at the top to configure the hotspot. You must of  course be connected to a WiFi network. In the Hosted Network Options window, enter the name of your network and its password. That’s really all it takes to get the hotspot going and once you click ‘Start’ the hotspot will be active.

Hosted Network Options
Hosted Network Options lets you choose which device you allow connections to come through. You can route them through your ethernet port, through your PC’s WiFi adapter, or through a Bluetooth connection. To set how a device connects to your PC, select the ‘Share the internet and the network from the following connection’ option and from the drop-down, select which port you want to allow connections to come through.

Hosted Network Options is a pretty simple way to turn your PC into a hotspot. It’s ridiculously easy to set up and given there is a portable version of the app, it’s all the easier to use. Hosted Network Options is available for Windows 7 and up.

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Text Formatting Features In Whatsapp - How To

Whatsapp has been in the news starting late to add end-to-end encryption to both content based and voice based messages. It additionally unobtrusively included another component toward the end of a month ago; message organizing. Content organizing implies you can now make content seem striking, emphasized, and struck through in your discussions. The component doesn't come as devoted catches that will let you select content and apply the designing style. Rather you need to utilize the right punctuation around the content you need to apply the organizing to.

There are four types of formatting you can apply to text; bold, italics, strike through, and bold & italics. The syntax for each one is as below;
Bold: *bold text*
Italics: _italics_
Strike through: ~Strike through~
Bold & Italics: *_Bold & Beautiful_*
Please note that the symbol used in the Italics and bold & italics format is the ‘underscore’ symbol and not the dash or minus sign.
whatsapp-format-text whatsapp-format-text-

You type the text in the compose field where it will appear surrounded by the symbols in the syntax. Once the text has been sent, it will appear with the applied formatting in the conversation. This change appears to not be tied to the app version you’re using and wasn’t part of the change log in any recent app update (so far as iOS is concerned) so it stands to reason that it’s a server side change. This means your recipient doesn’t have to be running a specific version of the app in order to see the formatted text and that it’s available for both iOS and Android users.

The syntax method might not be the fastest to use and there’s no doubt that dedicated buttons for adding these styles would be far more useful. Now that support for text formatting has been added however, perhaps someone will come up with a useful keyboard app that makes adding the syntax easier.


Monday, 4 April 2016

New Tecno Boom J8

TECNO Boom J8 was officially launched Today , 31st March 2016 and the price has been CONFIRMED to be within the range of #41,000 – #46,000 , Depending on your location in the country and where you’re buying from.

Product History : In March 2016 , TECNO Mobile unveiled Boom J8 smartphone , their first smartphone in 2016. Tecno Boom J8 is the successor to last year’s  Boom J7 , and it comes with major improvement in the design and overall user experience.

    Launch Date : March 2016
    Product Line : BOOM Series
    Major Improvement : New user interface (HiOs) , New external design.
    Price Range : #41,000 – #46,000
    Price Rating : Medium —– (Slightly Expensive)
    Target Market : Music lovers , Students , Fashion Lovers

Tecno Boom J8 Specs Sheet

    3G: HSDPA 900 / 2100
    4G : LTE 800 / 1800 / 2,600
    SIM Type: Dual SIM (Micro SIM, dual standby)
    OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop with HiOS UI
    Display: 5.5-inch, 720 x 1280 pixels (320 PPI), IPS Capacitive touchscreen
    Build: Plastic with metal trimmings
    Colours: Super White. Space Grey. Champagne Gold
    Processor Type: 64-bit Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53
    Processor Name: Mediatek MT6735
    Graphics Processor: Mali-T720
    RAM: 2 GB
    Internal Storage: 16 GB
    External Storage: microSD, up to 128 GB
    Back Camera : 13MP
    Front Camera : 5MP
    Sensors: Accelerometer, Light, Proximity
    Battery: Non-removable Li-Ion 3,000 mAh
    Charging: Fast Charge – 15 min for 8 hours of phone calls
    Free Headset

From the specs sheet above , we can see that the Boom J8 is a BIG change from a year ago's blast J7. The outline has been cleaned , the client interface has been patched up and the RAM has been knock up to 2GB. The Boom J8 has a 5.5 inch screen and 720 x 1280 pixels determination. Tecno claims that the showcase has been advanced to expend less battery. As far as configuration , the gadget accompanies a plastic body , and a tiny bit of metal along the edges. The volume and force catches are on the right hand side , while the charging port and speakers are both at the base. 

The J8 will likewise be the main cell phone to utilize TECNO's as good as ever User Interface , HiOs. The HiOS is outlined in light of common sense solidly; HiOS' symbols are smooth, instinctive and immediately discernable. HiOS has a client interface that has a perfect look and it isn't jumbled in at any rate. The lock screen has a moderate outline and the same goes for the home screen.

For the individuals who affection to modify, there are distinctive subjects to look over and I am certain that new ones will always be included.

Notwithstanding the treats , TECNO is putting forth free headset to everybody that purchases the blast j8!.

TECNO Unveils next Music Phone the New BOOM J8 in Star-Studded Event

When you have designed a smartphone for music lovers and you just want to pass that one info, how do you do it? TECNO has an idea. Unveil that phone with the biggest star-studded smartphone launch in Nigeria-do that and you’ve made your statement.Trust me, everybody will understand!

The Ikeja GRA nestled Golf View Hotel became a beehive of activities as some of Nigeria’s popular names in the music industry appeared at the launch event of the TECNO BOOM J8 music phone, TECNO’s next-generation music smartphone.

As the saying goes “Where you have stars, you have the media” and by 10:30am, the blue carpet had registered the footprints of who is who in the industry, from legendary Ruggedy Baba, the elusive Weird MC, to sizzling hot artistes like Chuddy-K, Klever-J, Capital Femi, Art Quake, Georgetown, Danagog, Immaculate, Olawale (of Project Fame), Shola and I’m not so sure was Terry G there? Not to forget MC Bash, who was the Master of Ceremony.

sha TECNO knows how to pull off events but this one wasn’t an event just for event’s sake, the new BOOM J8 is worth giving attention and like TECNO digital marketing lead, Jesse Oguntimehin said
“The new BOOM J8 is a collector’s item; this smartphone designed from inside-out brings a whole new music experience to music lovers.”
Well,if you are one of those people who like to see specs before you pay the bridal price, this woman is not afraid to share what is under the cover to help you make your decision quick-quick. The New BOOM J8 flaunts impressive mobile specifications such as a 2GB RAM up from 1GB in the BOOM J7, 4G LTE Network, 16MP AF back / 8MP front face-loving cameras with Dual LED flash. Powered by MediaTekQuad-core processorand boasting 5.5” HD IPS touch screen, the BOOM J8 is not a bad phone to own.
Did I mention TECNO BOOM J8 comes with Free BOOM headphone? Lol, nice one.
Enjoy the pictures jare…

Retail price for BOOM J8is around N40,999

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Windows 10 - Fastest Windows Adoption Ever

Not exactly a year after the dispatch of Microsoft Windows 10, more than 270 million clients have overhauled or bought the most recent PC programming, the organization declared on Wednesday.

Microsoft reported amid its yearly Build designer meeting in San Francisco that Windows 10 was "the quickest developing form of Windows for both customers and endeavors."

This news is a noteworthy point of reference for the organization, after its past rendition Windows 8 was viewed as a disappointment by numerous and for all intents and purposes overlooked by organizations. Actually, Windows 10 skirted a number in its successive request (numerous trusted it would be called Windows 9) to separation itself from its forerunner.

Windows 10 was headed toward a solid begin with 14 million redesigns in the initial 24 hours. Development proceeded through the Christmas season — around 40% of Windows 10 gadgets were enacted on or after Black Friday — and by January, Microsoft reported the most recent rendition of Windows was on 200 million gadgets. Around then, the organization said Windows 10's selection outpaced Windows 8 by an extraordinary 400%.

Windows 10 was an essential overhaul for Microsoft. Microsoft is bringing back the mainstream card amusement Solitaire to Windows 10 in the wake of pulling it, alongside Hearts and Minesweeper, from its doomed Windows 8 version.

Microsoft likewise declared an upgrade to Windows 10 called Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Other new elements talked about amid the occasion incorporate Microsoft's Windows Insider Ring (a stage for early beta analyzers), an upgrade for Windows Hello, permitting clients to sign in with facial acknowledgment innovation, and Windows Ink for computerized pen data.

How to Stream Movies Free On Your Android Device


The stand-alone app corresponding to arguably the greatest TV network on the planet had a bit of a shaky start in life, with many users reporting that they'd been having trouble starting it on launch day (at the time of writing, it also didn't work with rooted devices).
But if you can get it to work, then you gain access to the greatest TV catalog in history (US$14.99 a month after a 30-day trial). Its big-hitting shows include Game of Thrones, The Wire, True Detective, The Sopranos – it's worth a gamble for those alone, right?
androidpit hbo now
Who cares if it was launched as a buggy mess? Just look at that line-up! / © HBO NOW
HBO NOW Install on Google Play


Hulu lets users watch premium TV shows and movies on their smartphones or tablets without paying a subscription fee. It's packed with current and classic shows, Hulu originals, movies and plenty of kids' shows, making it a perfect family tablet companion.
If you want full access to the Hulu library you will need to pay US$7.99 a month, but there are plenty of gems in the free version too.
androidpit hulu plus
Hulu offers a free and paid service for online video and movie streaming to Android users. / © Hulu
Hulu Install on Google Play

Stream movies in Canada / the US


Crackle is a hugely popular free app available in the US and Canada, which is updated monthly with new TV shows and movies. Created by Grouper but later bought by Sony, the app features ads which run at regular intervals throughout the content, the trade-off for which is that you get an excellent selection of media and an app that functions far better than some of the other TV service ports on the list. 
androidpit crackle
Crackle offers Android users a bunch of modern and classic Hollywood movies, for free! / © Crackle
Crackle - Movies & TV Install on Google Play

Stream movies and TV shows in the UK

BBC iPlayer

This catch-up service has been going strong for a number of years and the slick Android app is a great way to watch TV series and movies.
It doesn’t have a huge archive to sift through, but the iPlayer catch-up service was extended to 30 days last year, meaning you have a month to catch up on almost anything played on the BBC in the past month.
androidpit bbc iplayer
The BBC is home to many much-loved British shows such as Dr Who and The Apprentice. / © BBC
BBC iPlayer Install on Google Play

ITV Player

The ITV Player app suffered a woefully bad introduction to the Play Store (it was essentially broken on many devices) but it's finally in a decent state. The ITV Player app lets you stream ITV channels live to your device, as well as catch up on any shows you may have missed from the past week.
androidpit itv player
The ITV Player app has had its problems but seems to have improved with recent updates. / © ITV
ITV Hub Install on Google Play

All 4 (4oD)

The recently rebranded All 4 – formerly known as 4oD – has a fantastic selection of shows, aimed at a slightly younger crowd than BBC iPlayer. Many users have been reporting crashing and inconsistent performance recently, but it's free and has some great content, so don't let that put you off. 
Featuring interesting experimental shows such as Black Mirror and Utopia, as well as the inimitable comedy, Peep Show, All 4 is the place to go for the best of British offbeat TV.
androidpit all4
The All 4 app includes TV shows from Channels such as E4, More4 and 4Music.  / © Channel 4
All 4 Install on Google Play

Demand 5

Channel Five’s premier catch-up service Demand 5 is now available on Android. The updates aren’t as regular as we would like, but nonetheless, Demand 5 offers a wide selection of Channel 5 shows and archived programs to re-watch on your Android smartphone or tablet.
The programming quality is arguably lower than the standard offered by Channel 4 and the BBC, although a bit of American Horror Story or reality cop shows never goes amiss.
androidpit demand 5
Cop chases, Big Brother and other guilty pleasures populate the Demand 5 app. / © Channel Five
My5 Install on Google Play

Stream movies and TV shows worldwide


The Android SPB TV app is not region-specific and offers content from around the world via a selection of weird and wonderful stations.
You won't find the latest Hollywood blockbuster, NBC or Showtime on SPB TV, but if you want to take a chance on a wild card, this is the app to use. A few of the stations definitely appear to be of a more adult nature (how you choose to use that information is up to you).
androidpit spb tv
The SPB TV app features a number of international and independent TV stations. / © SPB TV AG
SPB TV Install on Google Play


For your anime needs, it's hard to beat Toonmania, which offers a huge selection of the dubbed cartoons. Everything is easily navigable thanks to the app's clean and intuitive layout, and you can browse shows sorted by popularity or most recently added. There's also an exhaustive list of filters, so you can narrow down your search to find exactly what you're looking for.
This app isn't available from the Play Store, but if you head to mobi24, you can download the APK file. Just makes sure you head to Settings > Lock screen and security and enable Uknown sources before trying to install the file.
Androidpit music apps 9958
Toonmania is the best app on Android for watching anime. 


LiveNow!TV streams a broad range of channels from around the world live, as well as a variety of classic/B-movies; mostly a bizarre but entertaining mix of horror and Kung Fu movies. 
LiveNow!TV is a free service supported by ads and doesn't have the same clout as Netflix or even Hulu, but the live TV streams work well, and it's a great option for streaming a number of well-known channels. 
androidpit livenowtv
For a free app, the number and quality of the channels available in LiveNow!TV is impressive. / © Live Now!
FilmOn Free Live TV & RECORD Install on Google Play