Friday, 21 September 2012


Facebook users in Nigeria have crossed the five million mark, according to latest statistics from SocialBakers, about 11 months since the country hit 4 million users.
With a Facebook population of 5,136,980 as at August 2012, the country grew by more than 824,920 in the last 6 months with a growth rate of 19.13%. This latest statistics puts Nigeria in the #33 position in the world ranking on countries on Facebook.
The country still maintains its third spot in Africa after Egypt and South Africa, currently at #1 and #2 spots in Africa with over 11 million users and over 5.3 million users respectively.
This means that Nigeria is about 200,000 Facebook users away from overtaking South Africa. In June, we speculated that Nigeria could surpass South Africa at the end of the month if both countries were to add just about the same number of users.
While the country is likely to increase its Facebook users in the coming months, its Facebook penetration is still very low at 3.37% of the country’s population and 11.68% in relation to the number of Internet users.
However, huge growth is currently being seen with its Facebook mobile usage as recent stats from SocialBakers reveal that Nigeria is ranked the second country in the world with the largest Facebook mobile penetration at 87.9%.



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